Every artwork has its place

Storage appropriate to the object ensures safety and longevity

Static painting storage: the right climate and climate and ideal for museums
A frequently used method of storing paintings in museums and galleries, but also in smaller institutions, is static painting storage, which is also suitable for oversized and heavy paintings. Such storage is environmentally controlled to protect the paintings from damage caused by humidity, temperature fluctuations, dust and pests. The advantage of static storage here is that the objects are quickly and easily accessible for moving, packing, unpacking or displaying.

Strong protection and simple operation: Shelving, bar racks and fixed Wall shelving
Shelving racks are suitable for storing works of art such as statues, fossils, figurines and other three-dimensional artefacts. They do not require additional subdivisions, which favours a clear and open presentation of the art objects. The shelves are robust, stable and provide an even storage surface. «ArtStore» Shelving racks are available in various sizes as well as configurations and can be placed at different distances to create enough space for the individual items, depending on the needs of the art collectors. Another advantage of Shelving racks is the easy and safe maintenance of the artworks. They do not need to be additionally attached to the shelving and can therefore be quickly and easily replaced, which increases efficiency, for example when preparing for exhibitions.

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