Painting storage systems

With pull-out painting racks, paintings and valuable pictures are stored safely. The best known are lattice sliding walls or lattice pull-outs. Here, the pictures and paintings are hung securely with hooks. Depending on the structural conditions and the requirements for handling your works of art, the lattice elements run on roller sets in rails, either as ceiling-running systems, floor-running systemscompact systems or display-repository. The painting archive systems, equipped with vibration and shock-free linear guides or double-axis roller carriages with steel or plastic sheathing, offer direct access to the paintings with their front-side pull-out.

Overhead systems create suspended storage, with the tracks attached to the ceiling - they have the advantage of not touching the original floor at all. The lowest vibrations and emissions result from systems with linear guides. Here, the grille walls run suspended on precise sliding guides.

Of course, paintings are much nicer stored in museums, that is obvious. And yet most museums and art galleries have a depot for storing paintings. For museums, the storage of paintings is an important issue. Today, as well as in the future. As a rule, the number of paintings in museums and galleries is always increasing. At the same time, they run the risk of becoming overcrowded. So where to put the expensive and delicate art? ArtStore by Kern Studer offers various possibilities for storing precious works of art efficiently and safely with its pull-out painting racks. The archiving and storage of museum collections in particular requires special care. Many are of great historical, emotional and financial value. Our painting hoist systems are designed for easy access as well as for the safe storage of valuable collections.

It is the structural conditions that define the scope for the realisation of painting archives. The design is determined by the type and size of the collection. In all cases, the primary aim is to ensure a high level of user comfort.

For the storage of your paintings, our painting grids offer many museums, galleries and art collections, a practical solution. The valuable paintings are hung on the grids with hooks, whereby there is no risk of damage. The grids for your painting hoist system are available in different dimensions.

Lattice hoist systems for paintings - facilities for storing collections of paintings in museums, galleries and outdoor depots. We are happy to support you with your projects from planning to installation!

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