Shelf and pole racks

Shelf and pole racks are a very efficient and cost-effective storage system, often used as temporary storage for art objects going in and out. They are an ideal complement to painting hoist systems and contribute to the orderly and space-saving storage of artwork. Pole racks are often used in static storage of large and heavy art objects. The height of the poles can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the space, and there are options with or without a pedestal. Ceiling mounting and anchoring of the rods in the grid ensure safe storage. Optional features such as wooden pedestals or felt shelves ensure gentle storage and removal of artwork and painting frames. ArtStore shelf and bar racks are available in powder-coated or galvanized finishes to meet user needs and preferences.

Shelf rack

The shelving racks are suitable for storing small pictures, photos and paintings. So we offer you an inexpensive alternative without additional dividers.

Shelf rack with poles

The shelving racks with poles are also suitable for storing small pictures, photos and paintings. The additional dividers provide a better overview.

Pole rack

The pole rack is suitable for storing large and heavy art objects. The height is adapted to the space of the room and can be equipped with or without a platform on an individual basis.

The simple design of these shelves enables uncomplicated installation and increases their mobility. Both museums and galleries as well as private and institutional art collectors appreciate the flexibility, design and value for money of these shelves as extremely beneficial. They provide an effective solution for storing a variety of artworks and help keep art objects well organized and protected. Overall, shelf and bar racks form an orderly and very affordable storage system that is often used as temporary storage for incoming and outgoing art objects and is an ideal combination with a painting hoist system. The simple design allows for straightforward installation, which contributes to the mobility of these units.

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