Technical information

Specifications and attachment types for the painting storage systems.

Mounting with free-standing steel structure

Securing to the floor with a free-standing steel structure is best if a lot of technical facilities such as ventilation, cable ducts, pipes and lighting are planned.

Mounting suspended from the ceiling

Securing to the ceiling with a suspended steel structure makes sense if not much is planned at the top in terms of technical facilities and the floor loading capacity is not sufficient.

Fixing directly to the ceiling

You can make optimal use of the existing room height by attaching the runners directly to the ceiling.

There is hardly any space for technology and lighting here.

Static calculation

We carry out a static calculation for all systems, showing the maximum load on the steel supports, bending moments and area loads. We guarantee your safety and can support you in the planning of a new building. In the case of an existing building, we can adapt to the prevailing conditions and circumstances.

Static calculation for this example with a load of 10kg/m2  → hanging area

  1. Maximum deflection  
    WQT 28 mm
    max. bending resistance
    MRd, QT = 11.9 kNm
  2. Max. support load
    Nd,St = 12.5 kN
  3. Surface pressure under base plate
    Ϭd, support = 4.9 kg/cm2  
    Average surface load = 130 kg/m2

Three-sided system

The painting racks can be pulled out on both sides with an aisle in the centre. This version ensures optimum use of the space available. It gives you 33% more storage capacity in the same area compared with a 2-part system.

Two-sided system

The painting racks can be pulled out on one side with a side corridor. With this version, you use half of the available space. This can be necessary if doors or windows are in the way.

Mesh specifications

The sturdy rack elements are made of a surrounding steel frame and have mesh mats welded onto both sides. The standard mesh size is 100 x 80 mm (w x h), the wire Ø is 4 mm.
The surface is powder-coated in RAL 9018 papyrus white. Other colours are available on request.

Heights: 2200, 2750, 3300, 3850, 4400 mm
Widths: 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300 mm

Individual measurements are possible on request.


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