SITEM 2024

Paris, Carrousel du Louvre

SITEM Paris (3-4 April 2024) - VISIT US! Stand B13

At SITEM we will provide personal information about our product range and news on the following topics:

  • Painting Storage Systems
  • Fixed Mesh Walls
  • Shelves 
  • Worktables
  • Accessories

We look forward to SITEM 2024 and your visit!

In preparation for the 28th edition, SITEM continues to focus on the analysis and understanding of the global museum: its structure, operation, characteristics, and evolutions.

As exhibited by participants, SITEM has consistently presented and analyzed the significant technological advancements within museums. In today's digital era, marketing is integral, and ticket offices are indispensable. A substantial portion of a museum's activities now resembles business operations. Creating and developing internal resources is increasingly crucial. New objectives are emerging, and new stakeholders are engaging. Transversality has become essential.

SITEM recognizes the enduring roles and connections museums maintain with their local communities. Museums have evolved into attractive meeting places, playing a vital role in local social life and occasionally contributing to physical and mental well-being.

SITEM has likely become a unique platform where public and private professionals from the cultural sector, local government, economy, territories, and tourism converge to share expertise and collaborate. This collaborative approach is envisioned as a crucial concept for the future.

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