Proven safety certification

ArtStore products are safe

The GS mark is a globally recognised certification mark for products and stands for high quality and safety. So if you are looking for a product you can rely on, look for the GS mark. This is a guarantee that ArtStore products comply with all legal requirements and offer you the safety you need.

The GS mark is a globally recognised mark of quality and safety. All ArtStore products with the GS mark have undergone rigorous assessment and certification and have met the highest standards. Due to the scope and widespread acceptance of the GS mark by regulators and consumers, products bearing the GS mark have an important market advantage over comparable products without it. It also includes regular monitoring of our production. We may only apply the GS mark as long as the underlying GS certificate is valid and our product corresponds unchanged to the type submitted for testing.

Here you can get more information about the ArtStore certificate.


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