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New competence centre for the metal industry

The industry in Samstagern is growing

Excavation began in mid-October and the ground-breaking ceremony took place in November. By the end of 2019, a four-storey commercial building 56 metres long and 24 metres wide will be constructed in the Bruggeten industrial and commercial zone.

Kern Studer AG has been operating on Weberrütistrasse since 2010, but now there is a lack of storage capacity, which will therefore be expanded by 500 to 800 square metres with the new building. Above all, other companies from the metal industry, some of which have already worked with us, will move closer together and complement the industrial estate. Transport routes will be shortened, synergies exploited and a regional competence centre for the metal industry will be created. 

The basement will be taken over by Wablag AG, based in the Hintere Rüti/Neubühl industrial estate in Wädenswil. NC Gürtler AG, from Pfäffikon SZ, will move into the ground floor as another floor owner. Eugen Buob AG, a small company already present in Bruggeten, has already decided to rent part of the upper floor. For the remaining 2000 square metres of space, we are still looking for other businesses as tenants, preferably but not necessarily from the metal trade.

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