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MUTEC 2012 – Museums of the Future - Future of Museums

MUTEC 2012 – “Museums of the Future – Future of Museums”

Museums in Germany are not at all on the skids, as some critics claim. In fact, visitor numbers have continuously been increasing since the mid 90s and almost reached the 110 million mark in 2010. The increase applies to both small and big institutions.
This trend is particularly owed to the efforts made by the museums, which all have developed individual concepts to attract visitors: interesting special exhibitions, new educational methods as well as new buildings and conversions show the richness of ideas within the sector. 

However, the success should not obscure the fact that exhibition houses are facing difficult times. The latest assumptions on the “cultural infarct” in Germany as well as the debates about the supposedly unavoidable drastic cuttings of the budget for culture underline the difficult economic situation of museums, which still are mostly publicly financed. Yet, the stir this debate has created also shows how high culture and therefore also museums are rated in society. 

This society has gone through fundamental changes, too. Museum visitors’ interests and preferences have become more individual – due to their multifaceted cultural backgrounds or their increased need for entertainment. The new technical possibilities further the individual interests and needs but are also able to satisfy them. Museums of the future are therefore prepared for these economical and social challenges by offering their visitors a meaningful way of spending their leisure time. 
There are many ways to do this: They can further adjust their methods of museum education, expand the visitor research and last but not least include digital media in their exhibition concept. All this helps them to meet the visitors’ individual demands and preferences and to turn visiting a museum into a collective experience once again. 

This is exactly what MUTEC focuses on - the International Trade Show for Museum and Exhibition Technology will again take place in Leipzig, Germany, together with denkmal - European Trade Fair for Conservation, Restoration and Old Building Renovation from 22nd – 24th November 2012. Museum and exhibition executives will find a broad range of innovative technologies and developments as well as updates of proven systems in order to be best prepared for old and new challenges. 

MUTEC's central topics are Museum Architecture, Building, Security, Environmental and Climate Technology, Fittings and Scenography, Visitor Service, Guidance Services, Ticketing, Audio, Lighting, Multimedia, Interactive Systems, Storage and Archiving and Data Management.

MUTEC’s seminar programme with lectures, panel discussions and workshops will deal with the show’s topics in more detail and will strengthen the direct mutual exchange between exhibitors as well as between exhibitors and visitors. 
According to the motto “Museums of the Future – Future of Museums”, changes in society and possibilities in the digital age will be especially focused on: A third of the German population already owns a smartphone and the number is rising. These users would like to use their device sensibly also in their spare time – and museums of the futures can make this possible. 

MUTEC 2012 from 22th to 24th November – Save the date!