Company profile

Kern Studer AG, operating from Samstagern and Yverdon, is a leading supplier of grid and metal-panelled partitions as well as of door systems for residential and industrial buildings. It is a medium-sized business employing around 40 people. We keep all work processes – from product development to product assembly – under our own control.
We started employing our grid elements for art-storage systems around 15 years ago. This range of products has been steadily expanded as a result of its ongoing success. Our engineers have invested much work in the development of our art-storage systems and, today, we are happy to have a sophisticated product available which we are able to sell on the European market at very competitive prices.
Thanks to our many years of experience and intensive cooperation with customers and suppliers, we are able to provide both standard products built on modular systems as well as special designs tailor-made to customer requirements.


Future customers benefit from the competent advice that our specialist personnel is already able to offer during the planning phases. Frequently, the circumstances presented by the building itself and its structural load-bearing capacities determine what kind of art-storage system may be employed. Our technical department is happy to assist with the first phase of planning. Small unobtrusive modifications to the building or premises may help to considerably reduce investment costs.


Our specialist personnel will start by assessing the current circumstances and the options offered by the premises. They will then talk to you in person to determine your requirements and ideas and subsequently work out individually tailored suggestions to suit your needs.


Once the order has been placed, we will always stay in touch with you and keep you informed about delivery and assembly dates. Quality, reliability and cleanliness are afforded the highest priority at our company because the best product is only as good the quality of its assembly.