Welcome to Art Store

We have, as a successful supplier and manufacturer of grid partition wall systems, been specialising in the production of art storage systems for almost 20 years.

Our many years of experience and our highly skilled workforce mean that Kern Studer Ltd is a strong and competent partner in the planning and realisation of art storage systems.

Our company stands for quality and reliability. We supply low-cost, standardised art storage systems as well as customer-specific tailor-made designs to meet the highest of demands.

Each customised product is thoroughly tested at our competence centre so that nothing is left to coincidence. Tests over the long-term constitute the foundation for the standardisation of our systems because standardisation simply means – tested functionality at optimum price-performance ratios.

You may already benefit from our many years of experience during the planning phase. We are always happy to be of assistance.




Systems with ceiling rails
Art storage systems for normal demands are frequently fitted with C-shaped steel rails.
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Systems with linear guides
Art storage systems for highest demands are equipped with vibration-free linear guides.
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Systems with floor rails
Floor rails as a variation of art storage systems using ceiling rails are also possible.
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Fixed storage walls
Our mesh panels may be also firmly secured to existing walls.
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Moving picture carriages
We are able to manufacture moving picture carriages in all sizes and types according to your needs.
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Different hanging hooks and metal trays are available.
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