Work tables & accessories

ArtStore carefully considers several aspects when selecting work tables to ensure they meet the needs of both artwork and staff. These tables must provide enough work space to comfortably place tools, materials, and other items. Storage compartments, drawers or shelves are important to keep important utensils and equipment handy. The materials used to make the tables must be sturdy, durable and easy to clean to ensure the safety and protection of the artwork. It is also critical that the materials used do not emit harmful chemicals or fumes that could affect the artwork.

Tables mobile

Flexible table system for universal use in museums. Individual tables, mobile or stationary, can be used individually or combined to form large work surfaces where needed. As an option, the tables can made height-adjustable via a hand crank or electric motor.

Dimensions (W x D): 1600 x 800 mm and 2000 x 1000 mm
• Accessories: Socket strip, table connector


Packing tables

The ERGO-Budget is a very robust and economical solution that can be used as a simple packing table. The table is fully configured and available as a high or low version.

• Table width 1600/2000 mm
• Version with drawer or cutting device
• High or low version

Cutting tools

Unwinding and cutting devices for foils or paper simplify the professional packing of exhibits. These are integrated in the table or are available as individual cutting devices.

• Modular system with many options
• Modern look with uniform appearance
• Very flexible system, can be expanded at any time


Transport trolleys can be used to transport goods from A to B or for freeing up space. With the modern workplace becoming more and more compact and well-structured, a transport trolley does a good job here as an additional buffer store for cardboard boxes or storage for tools or semi-finished products, which can also be easily stored temporarily where needed.

• 3 basic trolleys for all applications
• Sturdy structure with two cross-connectors
• Large selection of standard accessories
• ESD version

ArtStore's various table models are designed to meet the needs of employees. This includes features such as the height adjustability of a table, the integration of electrical connections, or the addition of casters for packing table mobility. The tables consist of a sturdy sheet steel base and work surface. Models with worktops made of multi-layered beech wood are available for handling particularly massive exhibits. ArtStore also offers the possibility to customize work tables. This makes it possible to adapt the tables to specific requirements and to connect different tables to create versatile work areas.

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