Front rollers, guides & stoppers

We offer various accessories for the safe and easy handling of the pull-out racks.

Front rollers

The front rollers ensure that the racks do not sway when they are pulled out. By virtue of the floor roller being pressed onto the floor with spring pressure, we guarantee contact with the floor at all times regardless of unevenness. The front roller is adjustable, making straight-line movement possible.

Lateral guide rollers

We mount the guide rollers on a C-profile so that the lattice sliding panels can be pulled out free of play. This allows the rollers to be adjusted laterally in such a way that they are free of play and, above all, perpendicular.

Door stopper

The door stopper option is suitable when fitting the painting transfer system. When hanging and taking down, the stopper prevents the sliding panel from sliding to the side, making it more stable and secure.

Wedge at the back for the 2nd guide

A second guide can be very useful for very long pull-out racks. If the racks are loaded more heavily on one side than on the opposite side, lateral forces are then exerted. A second guide is needed to absorb these forces. The wedge at the back enables the painting racks to be retracted smoothly.

Gas spring damper

If the racks are completely filled with paintings from your art collection, it is often not possible to see where exactly the end stop is when retracting the racks. A gas spring damper that gently cushions the run is suitable for this. The pressure is adjustable and is adapted to the size of the rack and the weight of the painting. The spring travel is freely selectable and is 80 mm as standard. The damper is filled with gas and fully secured against oil leakage This is used in very small quantities to ensure that the piston rod functions properly.

Rubber buffer with spring travel

The rubber buffer is an inexpensive alternative to the gas spring damper and has the same effect, though somewhat weaker. The spring travel is limited compared to the gas spring damper and is up to 25 mm. These end-stop buffers are available in ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ strength.

Simple stopper

This end stopper has a rubber limit stop at the front. This type of limit stop is commonly used and is part if the standard range. It has little or no spring travel.


The handle is made of plastic and is comfortable to hold due to its ergonomic design. The handles are supplied with the “ArtStore” logo. If required, it is also available without this logo. We will be happy to supply you with stainless steel handles of your choice on request.

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