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For over 20 years, the Kern Studer company has specialised in the manufacture and installation of picture hoist systems for painting depots with "ArtStore". Kern Studer's many years of experience and further development in the production of mesh partitions, gates and roofing for industrial facilities and private homes is elegantly implemented in ArtStore to provide art objects with a suitable home.

Depositories are becoming more and more popular
In many museums, a large part of the collection objects are stored in depots, whereby limited exhibition space and growing collections make it necessary to expand or redesign a depot, as in the example of the Central Art Depot Freiburg im Breisgau or the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Especially now, when museum operations have been reduced for many institutions because of Covid-19, curators are working in their depots to bring treasures to light for future exhibitions. More and more museum managers are thinking about how to make the depot collections even more accessible to the public. The importance of a manageable depot geared to the highest quality standards has also been recognised by the Hall Collection and Research Centre of the Tyrolean Provincial Museums. Millions of historical treasures are restored and archived there by experts; the centre has invested generously in ArtStore's grid systems.

The question "what is the optimal storage for our paintings?" also arises for many galleries as well as institutional and private collectors. Increasingly popular are display depots that combine space-saving storage with uncomplicated exhibition. For the Centre Dürrenmatt in Neuchâtel, ArtStore has developed a tailor-made solution in which the train system is artfully integrated into the architecture of the interior. Another area of application for vivid painting train systems are artotheques, which partially lend contemporary works of art in the large depots to the public.

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